SAGE Newsletter – September 24th

In this newsletter:

1. Monthly departmental meeting
2. EGSS-SAGE Scramble
3. Social events
4. SAGE election
5. Community shout-outs

Hello all,

This Friday is the monthly departmental meeting. If you have concerns and grievances regarding both creative and academic courses and/or graduate spaces (lounges, carrels, etc), please email SAGE so we can voice them during the meeting.

More importantly, if you need SAGE to help talk to administrators and/or Professors, SAGE is here to help. Give us a shout anytime.

*** The first ever EGSS-SAGE Scramble is happening next Thursday (October 2, 2014) at 8pm. We will meet at the upstairs bar of McKibbins Pub. This event is in collaboration with EGSS of Universite de Montreal. This event is for you to meet, mingle, and network with graduate students and faculty from your department and UdeM’s department.

Facebook page:



If a group of you are having beers after classes and it becomes a routine hangout, please let us know so we can send out invites to other graduate students. Let’s foster a sense of community here. If you’re having a picnic or a party and don’t mind a few graduate students at your event, let us know so everyone joins in the fun.

If you’re keen on starting a reading workshop or a writing workshop (either academic or creative), please send us details so graduate students can participate.

Be engaged!

Calling all Graduate Students!

Elections are happening. Although some positions are uncontested, SAGE still needs YOU to vote TO MAKE THE COUNCIL OFFICIAL. Please send in your votes via EMAIL or SHOWING up to vote on Sept 30. It will be held at the locker room from 11AM till 5PM. PLEASE VOTE. BE ENGAGED.

Here are the candidates bios and how they can contribute to your graduate experience.

Candidates Bio:


Carousel Calvo (Carrie) and Alanna Bartolini:
If voted as SAGE co-presidents, we hope to foster a sense of community within this department, to collaborate and engage with English departments outside of Concordia, and to make your experience here fruitful and fun. We are keen organizers, helping to make last year’s Colloquium a success. We will make sure to voice your grievances and concerns. we are approachable and an all-around fun people to be around.


Colin Young:
I will keep this brief. You’re looking for the candidates that will best represent you, and I know that I can serve you and SAGE as Vice-President. I bring to Concordia’s English department a strong background in management, event co-ordination, and pedagogical workshops, which will help SAGE foster an inclusive, collaborative space. In the brief time I have been here, it has become apparent that co-operation, encouragement, and support are all hallmarks of this department. I ask you for the opportunity to participate in that positive tradition, so that I may positively contribute to your academic, social, and professional experiences this year.


Shada Sagher:
Shada Sagher has served as SAGE Secretary in the past (2013-2014 school year), and wants to bring her experience to this year’s SAGE council to help ensure a smooth transition between graduating and incoming cohort members.


Sara Press:
Sara Press is new to Concordia’s academic stream, having spent the last two years working, traveling and writing. She is excited to be working with the members of SAGE, along with the English graduate students, and looks forward to being a part of all the activities and event planning for 2014-2015. She hopes to incorporate some of the organizational skills and financial savvy she picked up while working in the financial sector, and use it to extend the budget for the upcoming year.

(One) Speaker’s Committee Rep:

Shada Sagher:
Shada Sagher would love to help choose speakers for Concordia’s events. As former SAGE Secretary (and a current candidate for this year), I want to bring my knowledge of SAGE workings to help ensure smoother communication between the department and the students: if I’m on the speaker committee, I will ensure SAGE members know of any visiting speakers (a task that has been hard to accomplish the past two years). I’m also hoping the opportunity will arise during this committee to gather information about speakers arranged from other departments, so that English graduate students are made aware of a wide range of speakers visiting Concordia University. I’m also very familiar with planning events at all stages, particularly the beginning organizational stages: I have helped start a union for university workers at the University of Winnipeg (Secretary of the founding council, part of CUPE 500), I restarted the University of Winnipeg’s English Literature Students’ Association (co-founder), and helped organize last year’s departmental colloquium. Because of this experience, I’m confident I can help the English department choose speakers, and aid in any fashion the Committee may need. I should also say that I very much love to read all sorts of writing, (theory, fiction, poetry, and everything in between), and will endeavour to represent as wide and varied interests as possible.

Lizy Mostowski:

(Two) Academic Representatives:

Courtney Church:
Courtney Church is a second year master’s student running for the role of Academic Representative for SAGE. During her undergrad she served as student-faculty liaison in the English Department at Mount Saint Vincent University, a role comprising the same duties as SAGE’s Academic Representative. As student-faculty liaison she attended all faculty meetings where she reported on the student society budget, the honours colloquium, and Annual Atlantic Undergraduate English Conference Committee proceedings. She is currently serving as the Communications Coordinator on the Concordia Colloquium Committee and has ample experience in maintaining open discourse between various parties. Her enthusiasm and welcoming demeanor coupled with a passion for open communication between all members of the department, students and faculty alike, make her an ideal candidate for Academic Representative.

Megan Fitz-James:
My name is Megan Fitz-James and I am running for the position of Academic Rep. I majored in English Literature with a minor in Classics here at Concordia University. In a fit of madness (that continued for four years) I went to McGill and completed double degrees in Law. I am now back on track here at Concordia in my second year of the English Master’s program. I am deeply passionate about this University and this program. Consequently, I am interested in being involved in how the program is run especially from an educational perspective. I am very approachable and I am not afraid to advocate for the interests of graduate students. I would be honoured to have the opportunity to represent myself  and my colleagues as an Academic Rep.

Creative Writing Rep:

Caitlyn Spencer:
Caitlyn Spencer, formerly of the University of Calgary, is a first-year student in the creative stream, wide-eyed and undercaffeinated. Having volunteered with filling Station magazine and Wordfest literary festival in Calgary, she is excited to help foster a vibrant, supportive creative writing community within Concordia. She will have a nail-painting party with you if you’re feeling down, and has two plants, named Lavinia and Ethel.


Community Shout Outs:

SAGE needs a website savvy person. If you know how to make a website and if you have the time to volunteer, please send SAGE an email.

Sara had an idea for a Sunday outing. Here is her message:

Hey everyone! So I was thinking since we don’t know each other all that well (I’m sure some of you are well acquainted, but some of us have never met), it would be nice to get together outside the classroom. Since the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, I was thinking we could have a potluck picnic on Mont Royal this Sunday. That way those of you who are new to the city can enjoy Tams too! Let me know if this works for everyone! Suggestions or different ideas are more than welcome. Please email her or give her a shout on FB.



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