Emergency General Assembly March 31

Due to interest, the Student Association of Graduates in English has elected to hold an Emergency General Assembly on the issue of striking or taking other actions

The EGA will take place on Tuesday, March 31 at 4 pm in LB 659.

The EGA will be open to all graduate students enrolled in the Department of English (creative and academic streams).

The agenda will be circulated via email and will be posted on the SAGE website.

If graduate students feel strongly about issues that may be raised at the General Assembly, it is of high importance that they attend, as a vote on any issues will affect the cohort as a whole, whether they are present to vote or not.

Quorum for the GA is 10 people.

Voting will be by secret ballot.

Please share this information with your friends in the Department.

March 31 Emergency General Assembly Agenda

Facebook event