EGA result: SAGE’s decision on the topic of striking and other measures

Dear Graduate Students,

The SAGE Emergency General Assembly called by a member of the cohort convened at 4 pm on Tuesday, March 31. Thirty members of the cohort attended the meeting in LB 659 in order to discuss anti-austerity measures and to determine SAGE’s position at this time.

Six motions, with one divided into two sections, were voted upon after a measured discussion. The results are as follows:

  1. SAGE voted in favour of a social media intervention, with a limited task force.
  2. SAGE voted in favour of creating a broadly mandated strike committee to assess the larger academic, economic, and political climate.
  3. SAGE voted in favour of standing in solidarity with UQaM students threatened with expulsion following student demonstrations. This is a condemnation of administrative actions, but not an endorsement of specific student disruptions.
  4. SAGE voted in favour of a motion denouncing austerity measures at Concordia, and committing SAGE to draft an open letter to that effect; to work with members of CASE, faculty, and other members of the English Department; and to have representation at the anti-austerity demonstration scheduled for April 2 in solidarity with currently striking student groups.
  5. However, parts of the preamble which denounced strike actions were separated from the original motion and voted down.
  6. SAGE voted in favour of a one-day strike on April 2 in solidarity with other  striking student groups. Additionally, SAGE will have another assembly to decide on future striking options (this motion will be discussed on our Spring GA; see below).
  7. However, SAGE voted against a one-week, renewable strike.

SAGE has made their voices heard and is committed to those motions voted for on March 31st.

These issues and more will be further discussed at SAGE’s Spring General Assembly to be held on Tuesday, April 7 at 12 pm in LB 659.

The English Department has announced the cancellation of all classes Thursday, April 2. Please read the message from the Provost.


SAGE Council

Agenda SAGE AGA 2015

March 31 SAGE Emergency GA Minutes