April 14 Newsletter – Elections and End of Year Partay!

Hello Graduate Students,

It’s the end of the school year. Yay! Most of you will scatter and leave Montreal to visit loved ones or perhaps move to parts familiar or unknown. BUT before you head off, there’s one more shindig you must attend.

April 28 (Tuesday) is The End of the Year Party at Brutopia from 9 pm till they kick us out. We have a DJ and a trivia event planned. Please RSVP to SAGE (sage@concordia.ca) for your drink ticket. Friends, partners, and family are welcome!

This school year has been maddening, hectic, and exciting. We’ve been elated, depressed, sad, angry and through all those experiences your fellow graduate students were there. Let’s all celebrate the achievements we’ve accomplished. Please join us for our big hurrah to bid adieu to the year and our graduating friends!

Reminder: TAs and graduating cohort members please give back department key(s) to Bonnie before the end of the semester.

Calling all Graduate Students!

Elections are happening. Although positions are uncontested, SAGE still needs YOU to vote to make it official. Please send in your votes via email or by showing up to vote on April 17 at the Graduate Lounge. Polling Station is open from 10 am – 5 pm.

You can email your ballots at sage.elections@outlook.com – Voting closes at 5 pm on April 17. See below for e-ballot instructions.

CRO: Mona’a Malik

Polling Clerk: Megan Fitz-James

Here are the candidates’ bios and how they can contribute to your graduate experience.

President: COLIN YOUNG

The 2014/15 SAGE Council spent their year encouraging collaboration, communication, and community within the graduate cohort. As Vice-President of that Council, I was fortunate enough to work alongside some truly passionate students. I want to take my experience from the past year and make a commitment to further the academic, creative, and professional development of our cohort; to express our collective voice to faculty and administration; to facilitate transparency, inclusivity, and co-operation – for ourselves, and to those students who will inherit this space once we leave.

Please vote for me as President of your 2015/16 SAGE Council. Thank you!


In the 2014-2015 school year I have done my utmost to help the English Department and Concordia, serving as Creative Rep and de facto webmaster for SAGE, a member of the Colloquium Committee, and a member of the GSA Bylaws Committee. Sara Press and I co-founded Concordia Write Nights, a writing and workshop group that completed its first run earlier this month, which we hope to expand next school year. As your VP Internal, I would bring the same dedication I’ve displayed this year to ensuring all members of SAGE are fairly treated within this department and school, meeting the challenges that face us in the 2015-2016 school year as they arise. I like colour-coding, am a competent baker, and am still available for nail-painting parties and similar forms of catharsis.

In the interest of some spirit of competition, I have included blurbs for two opponents for the position of VP Internal, though I’d like it stated for the record that I believe neither of my opponents can bring the same level of dedication to the job that I can.

Albus Dumbledore
Apoptosis. Periapt. Frondeur. Spaghettification. If elected VP Internal I definitely won’t recruit your children for any wars I happen to be fighting at the time, or withhold valuable information from them or anyone else helping me, or hire anyone pedagogically irresponsible and prone to intense psychological abuse of children because those people happen to be politically useful to me, because I have definitely never done any of these things, and anyway, look how cool my phoenix is! If it cries on you it will fix your problems. Cool, right? Lemon drop?

Macrocystis pyrifera
1. The largest of all algae. 2. Can grow 50 metres long or more. 3. When was the last time you grew 50 metres long, let alone more? 4. One of the fastest-growing organisms on Earth, growing at a rate of 0.9 metres a day. 5. Bet puberty doesn’t seem so hard now, does it? 6. Found across the Americas, in Africa and Oceania – understands concerns of international students. 7. Form “kelp forests” that provide invaluable habitation for many marine species — you might be good at forest metaphors, but when was the last time you were a forest, huh? 8. Giant kelp is tired of your overreliance on similes to illustrate your points. 9. A valuable source of food, fertilizer, and potential biofuel. 10. Also used in toothpaste and ice cream. 11. “The sequoia of the sea.” 12. None of us will ever be as cool as M.pyrifera, and that’s okay.


When I first started at Concordia I had no clue what SAGE was. Carrie sent out a list of positions available for the fall election, and when I emailed her asking what being treasurer would entail, she responded asking for my bio. So I became treasurer. Due to a number of issues with our bank and previous signatories, we didn’t have access to our account until February. Because of this, my capabilities as treasurer were limited and I found myself drawn to organizing social activities instead. Having initiated Halloween specials study breaks, Concordia Write Nights, and having been consistent in harassing all of you for social contact during finals, I feel confident that moving forward I will be well suited to the role of VP Social. I’m in the process of planning our final grad party for the semester, and though you’ll have to vote before the party, you can rest assured that if you don’t vote for me, you won’t get free drinks tickets. Just kidding, SAGE does not endorse blackmail, and neither do I.


Rachel Burlock is a lover of serendipitous rhymes, and debuted her first full-length rap at the Colloquium Open Mic this past February. She is your punctual and reliable minute-taker, and served on the 2014-15 Colloquium Committee organizing the budget, grant applications, and end-of-project reports, demonstrating an aptitude for keeping track of receipts and e-mails. She hopes to bring these skills to the position of Treasurer on next year’s SAGE roster.

Again, sage.elections@outlook.com to send in your electronic ballots.

Please add your Name and Student ID number as this is how we are tracking who votes.

Please Vote either Yes or No beside the candidate’s name.


VP Internal:

VP Social:


Questions, suggestions, or concerns? Let us know! Visit our SAGE office (LB 671.03) or email sage@concordia.ca.