Fall Election — Candidate Blurbs

Hello, English grads!

Below are the blurbs for your candidates for VP Admin, Academic Rep, and Creative Rep. You may notice that we have only one candidate per position. However, you still need to vote. All SAGE Council members must be voted in through election, or they will not be eligible to perform their duties.

VP Admin, Academic Rep, and Creative Rep are all vital roles in Council’s structure, and without them, we will be unable to serve the cohort adequately. Please help us help you by voting in person between 10 AM and 5 PM on September 30 in the Graduate Lounge (locker room), or via email at sage.elections@outlook.com any time between 12 AM and 5 PM on September 30. If voting via email, please write either Yes or No beside each position:

VP Administration: 

Academic Rep: 

Creative Rep: 

Please include your student ID when voting so we can track who votes and ensure no one votes twice, particularly in the case of some students, who are dead set on becoming Queen of the Department. Please note that this election is not meant to determine Queen of the Department, and that if anyone really wants to become Queen of the Department, they should just march into the Grad Lounge and proclaim it so. You don’t need to rig any elections to do that. Honest.

Our CRO for the election will be Mona’a Malik, and SAGE members who are not running for or members of Council will be manning the physical polling station.

Once elected, the new Council members will begin their term on October 1.


I am a new MA student in the creative writing stream at Concordia. For the last two years of my undergrad, I ran the University of Winnipeg’s literary journal and created a community space for the writers on campus. Thanks to this position I am really familiar with running and managing a web presence, organizing a group’s information for archival or informative purposes, and just helping out where need be. I would be happy to have the chance to assist SAGE as VP Administration and would do my best to make both our web and campus presence as accessible and welcoming as possible.  


Hail, SAGE!

Dear ones, friends, acquaintances, unknowns, elect me! Elect me, pretty please. I am very persuasive: support, consideration, growth, cohabitative autonomy, passion, economy, growth, support. As I am persuasive, you will trust me when I say I have virtues. You are generous and wise in your trust, making us dear.

As the heart moves, so the vote is cast.

Oh, SAGE, the committees I have sat! UBC Undergrad Representative, Research Policy and Development Committee: a direct voice of full presence to the creation and direction of research, a representative of students’ academic interests at the heart-cog of UBC’s administrative wheel-cage – an unbreakable bond between faculty and students. For Concordia? For SAGE? The same and more! Anything. Liaising, associating, academic streaming, cooperating, and very much carrying out duties.

I want to listen and to share experience and to be faithful to us graduate students in the academic stream when and where we have a mouth for the ears of faculty and staff. I want to understand the internal processes and broad structures of the department and share this understanding with you. Grant my wishes, Tinker Bells and Fairy Godmothers of the electorate, and I ain’t never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.

And I will never, ever run around and desert you, SAGE.


To be honest, I’m really interested in fiction and social change. I have experience representing the interests of students, and so I thought the Creative Rep could be a good way to contribute my knowledge and experiences in our grad community. 

As Creative Rep, I would aim to incorporate as many of our ideas in improving the way the department works for everyone. I’m from Merrickville, Ontario, and I specialize in short stories. I believe that literature can change how we participate in gender, race, land, sexual orientation, and ability, and I’m often inspired by art that fuzes artistic writing with a political message.

These are your candidates, SAGE. They’ve stepped up to the challenge and are eager to put in the work to make your experience at Concordia the best it can be. On September 30, thank them by voting.