Emergency General Assembly: Bill C-51

Due to concerns raised by members of the cohort, the Student Association for Graduates in English will hold an Emergency General Assembly on the issue of Bill C-51, how it affects the literary and academic communities in particular, and what courses of action the cohort would like to take to express our feelings on this controversial legislation.

The EGA will take place on Thursday, October 22 at 11 AM in LB-660. The EGA will be open to all SAGE members (all current graduate students in Concordia’s English Department). The agenda will be circulated via email as well as posted at the bottom of this post and on the Facebook event page.

If you feel strongly about Bill C-51, it is crucial that you attend. Votes on any courses of action will affect the cohort as a whole, whether they are present to vote or not. If you cannot be present for the EGA but would like your thoughts on Bill C-51 aired at the EGA, you can leave them in the comments on the Facebook event, or email them to sage@concordia.ca.

Quorum for the GA is 10 people.

Voting will be by secret ballot.

Please share this information with your friends in the department.

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