It’s Election Time!

Calling all Graduate Students!

The nominations are in and your candidates for President, VP Internal, VP Social, and Treasurer are listed below!

The election will be held on Friday, April 22. Although some of these positions only have one candidate, you still need to vote. All SAGE Council members must be voted in through election, or they will not be eligible to perform their duties.

Voting will be open in person from 10 AM to 5 PM on April 22 in the Graduate Lounge (locker room), or via email at any time between 12 AM and 5 PM on April 22. If voting via email, please write the name of your preferred candidate beside positions with multiple candidates, or write “Yes” or “No” beside uncontested positions. A ballot template has been provided!

Please include your student ID when voting so we can ensure no one votes twice and that all votes come from SAGE members.

Our CRO for the election will be Mona’a Malik, and SAGE members who are not running for Council will be manning the physical polling station.

Once elected, the new Council members will begin their term on June 1, 2016.

Here are the nominees!


List of reasons why you should vote for me:

  • A vote for me is a vote for chocolate – I promise to bring tiny coloured Easter eggs sporadically throughout the year and spread them around the department.
  • Democratic values will prevail, with an emphasis on inclusivity and tolerance – I promise not to turn into a dictator and conspire to take over the world.
  • A concern for aesthetics – I promise to brighten those atrocious grad study rooms. While destroying walls to create windows may be out of my power, I will attempt to make them slightly more bearable.

giphy2Most importantly, I am deeply invested. I care a great deal about this department – both in its current form and future manifestation. Over the years, I have worked in affiliation with social organizations such as QPIRG and Divest Concordia for the betterment of a campus that emphasizes the respect of diversity and the importance of social responsibility. As president of this upcoming year, I promise to maintain an unwavering commitment to equity; I am acutely aware that academic and creative growth is contingent on having a safe environment within which it can be nurtured. Tolerance, respect, and active listening are values that I will uphold and personally ensure that the department does so too.

As for my organisational skills, I am annoyingly meticulous about getting things done in a timely fashion. While this has its downfalls – most notably, on my stress level – it allows those whom I work with to maintain a clear and constant notion of what is happening and what remains to be done. I will inevitably carry this trait to my presidency as it is an integral part of my personality which I can’t get rid of – trust me, I’ve tried.

It all comes down to this: As president, I am mouthpiece working for you guys. I will ensure that your concerns are being heard and treated in a concrete and respectful manner.


giphy1I would love to continue my involvement with SAGE Council by serving as VP Internal during the second year of my MA. Serving as the SAGE Academic Rep for the past year has given me a good working knowledge of faculty/staff/cohort relations, and I feel confident that I can put that knowledge to use in representing and mobilising the concerns and aspirations of SAGE members from both streams. Having sat on a few organising/sub-committees this year and co-developed a successful grant proposal to fund various initiatives within the department, I also feel well-situated to leverage my experience to support next year’s event organisers, schemers, and/or dreamers. I continue to marvel at the industry and imagination of the people in this program, and hope to work alongside them in developing important creative and critical contributions to the Concordia community and wider world.


giphy3I’m interested in helping out as the VP Social because an advantage of our program seems to be all the reading/writing events and the literary community here at Concordia and in Montreal. Some examples of events that stay with me include Jess Bebenek’s group poetry readings at the Centre for Expanded Poetics, Tess’ Writers Read, Monstrous Impositions and the truly amazing Off The Page festival, as well as the lovely Caterina Incisa’s Lit Pop series. I also had the pleasure of being with a gorgeous team of prom organizers who conspired to pull off quite a ‘unique’ prom, and I’d be interested in helping repeat a mild to significant variation of next year. I’ve also had the chance to host a series of creative writing events with Concordia Write Nights in a variety of random spaces such as the Biodome, and I’ll be hosting a similar series next year so that academic and creative stream students have a chance to write together.

As the VP Social I would also aim to welcome our arriving students with some key events, something along the lines of the ultra creative and very cool Tiny Room Series that’s been hosted by the always wonderful Karissa ‘LA-rock’ LaRoque. I would also like to make better use of the Richler Room. We hosted a successful event there this past winter due to the work of Chalsley Taylor, Kate Sterns, and Jason Camlot, so I’m optimistic that going forward we can continue to integrate the room into the program. Also, if we haven’t had the chance to meet, I’m very open to collaborating with others, and I’m invested in ensuring and learning about accessibility and diversity in the program. As VP Social I’d aim to bring forward these values of collaboration and creativity – feel free to contact me at if you have any event suggestions in mind!



I think supporting SAGE as treasurer would be great way to contribute to the English program. I even have a bit of experience dealing with budgets/payouts as I was the financial manager for my partner’s band when they a received a US grant to tour in the UK for a month in 2012. Embarrassing fact: I actually think that spreadsheets and all that jazz are a pretty good time!




I am interested in getting more involved in Concordia’s student life and becoming SAGE’s treasurer gives me a great opportunity to do so. I see becoming treasurer as an opportunity to represent Concordia’s English grad department and as a chance to work with great people in the program. I’m organized and I work well under pressure so I don’t think this responsibility would interfere with my school work and I’m confident that I would be able to be a good treasurer.

These are your candidates, SAGE. The choice is yours. On April 22, help us help you by choosing the first four members of next year’s Council.


SAGE Council