Election Time!

Calling all Graduate Students!

The nominations are in and your candidates for President, VP Internal, VP Social, and Treasurer are listed below!

The election will be held on Wednesday, October 5. Although some of these positions only have one candidate, you still need to vote. All SAGE Council members must be voted in through election, or they will not be eligible to perform their duties.

Voting will be open in person from 10 AM to 5 PM on October 5 in the Graduate Lounge (locker room, LB-660), or via email at sage.elections@outlook.com any time between 12 AM and 5 PM on October 5. If voting via email, please write the name of your preferred candidate beside positions with multiple candidates, or write “Yes” or “No” beside uncontested positions. A ballot template has been provided!

Please include your student ID when voting so we can ensure no one votes twice and that all votes come from SAGE members.

Our CRO for the election will be Sandy Martin, and SAGE members who are not running for Council will be manning the physical polling station.

Once elected, the new Council members will begin their term on October 5, 2016.

Here are the nominees!


poo3Academic Representative #1: Jen Tracy

My name is Jen and I am a first year MA student in the academic stream. A fierce lover of democracy, for this blurb I have decided to let the people speak for themselves:

“What, you want me to just describe you? Okay, um, Jen is a funny, kind person who I’ve known for 11 years and… is good at snowboarding…? I don’t know Jen, this is weird.” -my friend Lauren.

“She can be a little too, well, she needs to remember, there are certain dates and things she needs to remember to acknowledge in other people’s lives, like her mother’s and her sister’s birthdays.” -my mum, Harriet.

Recently, I asked for some feedback on the TA conference I lead. A number of students described the conference as “good” and “relaxed.” Other students had “nothing much to say.” One glowing review said that “Conference seems great. I haven’t had a lot of experience with which to compare it.” -anonymous

“Jean makes mean chai from scratch!” -my roommate, Laura.

Hopefully these testimonials convince you why I would be an outstanding choice for academic representative on the SAGE council. This I do promise, that I will not forget to go to faculty meetings like I have consistently forgotten my sister’s birthday. Thank you very much.

poo1Academic Representative #2: Carmelo Marsala

I am a hard worker, with an eye for perspective. I do not take the thoughts, interests, or ideals of my peers, superiors or colleagues for granted, and have the greatest respect for others. I enjoy the prospect of thinking with others, and all but embrace the notion of being allowed to grow as a community in an environment of courtesy and equality. My interests lie squarely on prospects of thought, truth, and language, and the interrelation between meaning and sound. As such, I cannot help but appreciate the value of clear and concise communication, and admire the variance and quality of opinion. I believe that bias, however insurmountable, is an obstacle which is, although unconquerable, always meant to be opposed.

poo2Creative Representative: Emily Jane Crompton


I am a student in the creative stream. While my personal focus is poetry, I will indiscriminately represent fiction and non-fiction writers, and any incoming to outgoing student who is interested in making new and lovely things to read. My past experiences include helping at weekly writing workshops, acting as an editor-in-chief for 7 Mondays, and sitting on the selection committee for the Graham Atlantic Creative Writing Prize in 2016. I’m looking forward to drawing on the skills I’ve developed during my undergraduate and am looking forward to participating in a larger departmental community as the creative rep.

VP Administration: Kaitlynn McCuaigpoo4

Hello email list of the chosen,

I’m Kaitlynn McCuaig, I come from the Toronto area, and I have spent the last 20 years or so trying to decide on an artistic form (or at least narrow it down to a manageable handful). Prose writer, amateur photographer, visual artist, television and film enthusiast, social performer, musician that’s forgotten how to play, and general art- and school-lover, I’m in the English creative stream and am actively trying to make the most of an experience my solitary, ground-squirrel nature would otherwise have me retreat from.

I’m fascinated with art as a cultural influence that brings like minds together, invested in issues of advocacy and representation in the Canadian and North American context, and as I’m interested in training myself to be a more social creature, the position of VP Admin (as it has been described to me) sounds like an excellent exercise in social yoga (that may also benefit the program or something like that).

I also promise double recesses if moved from a nominated party to an elected one, and a more-or-less constant presence on the internet for contact, social media and blog-related purposes. Thank you for your consideration!

These are your candidates, SAGE. The choice is yours. On October 5, help us help you by choosing the first four members of next year’s Council.


SAGE Council