Nomination Results

Nominations for SAGE elections are in. Read up on our candidates below and make sure to vote this Friday, September 29.

Academic Rep

Jennifer Breaux

When I was an undergraduate at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, I was a part of the undergraduate honors association for English majors titled “Sigma Tau Delta.” Part of my responsibilities was to attend departmental meetings that concerned undergraduates, and as a result, I was able to familiarize myself with the instructors within my department. Also, under Sigma Tau Delta, I shadowed the EGSA (English Graduate Student Association) specifically concerning their organizing the Global South Conference, a local academic conference held in Louisiana. I was then able to see the process of approving papers for presentation at the conference as well as the organization of panels up close.  Lastly, I was also a member of the sorority Gamma Rho Lambda, and once a month I attended a meeting with the Student Government Association, an undergraduate organization that involves all student-led organizations to vote on various issues such as funding attendance to conferences for undergraduates, amendments to the students’ bill of rights, and approval for organizations to program campus events. I enjoyed this work as an undergraduate, and I’m excited at the prospect of being an academic representative for SAGE. I believe I will be equipped to handle the responsibilities as a representative from what I’ve done as an undergraduate.

Creative Rep

Mia Poirier

I believe I’d be a good candidate because I am very interested in connecting more with the English Department. I want my time at Concordia to be more than just attending class. I’ve been in Creative Writing for a while; I am familiar with the faculty and students, and consider myself friendly and well spoken! I know this position is fairly introductory, still I would want to put my best foot forward and step up to the role.

Melanie Power

“I lean and loafe at my ease observing a spear of summer grass,” Walt Whitman writes in his poem “Song of Myself,” detailing a languid practice of lazy leaning and loafing. I have all the work-ethic that Whitman lacks in this poem. My passions include: trying to make the world more beautiful and dismantling the patriarchy, both mostly with poetry. I am also reliable, responsible and can write sonnets.

VP Administration

Miles Forrester

I have experience working with similar committees in undergrad (I was an executive member of the Visual Arts Student Association at York University) and after graduation (I was an executive member of The White House Studio Project (artist run centre in Toronto’s Kensington Market)).