Nomination Results

Nominations for SAGE elections are in. Read up on our candidates below and make sure to vote this Friday, September 29. Academic Rep Jennifer Breaux When I was an undergraduate at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, I was a part of the undergraduate honors association for English majors titled “Sigma Tau Delta.” Part ofContinue reading “Nomination Results”

Fall Election Results!

Hello, English grads! In a shocking turn of events, every candidate won by a landslide, defeating their opponents without breaking a sweat! Eileen Holowka decimated the competition for VP Administration; Torin McLachlan took no prisoners in the brutal battle for Academic Rep; Liam Lachance left no one standing in the fight for Creative Rep. Your full SAGE CouncilContinue reading “Fall Election Results!”

Fall Election — Candidate Blurbs

Hello, English grads! Below are the blurbs for your candidates for VP Admin, Academic Rep, and Creative Rep. You may notice that we have only one candidate per position. However, you still need to vote. All SAGE Council members must be voted in through election, or they will not be eligible to perform their duties.Continue reading “Fall Election — Candidate Blurbs”

Fall Election — Call for Nominations

Hello all! This is official notice of SAGE’s call for elections! We are currently seeking nominations for the following Council positions: VP ADMINISTRATION 6.5 The VP Administration shall: i. Record minutes at all Council meetings and General Assemblies; ii. Be the SAGE archivist and ensure the continuity of the association’s institutional memory; iii. Publish aContinue reading “Fall Election — Call for Nominations”

SAGE Newsletter August 2016

Hello English Graduates! This is SAGE’s first newsletter of the academic year. As such, there’s a fair bit of information to cover, but we’ll try to do it concisely so that you can digest it quickly and get back to your regularly scheduled programming. Graduate Orientation! All returning and incoming grads should have received the introductory emailContinue reading “SAGE Newsletter August 2016”

April 14 Newsletter – Elections and End of Year Partay!

Hello Graduate Students, It’s the end of the school year. Yay! Most of you will scatter and leave Montreal to visit loved ones or perhaps move to parts familiar or unknown. BUT before you head off, there’s one more shindig you must attend. April 28 (Tuesday) is The End of the Year Party at BrutopiaContinue reading “April 14 Newsletter – Elections and End of Year Partay!”

Call for SAGE Executive Council nominations

Hello Graduate Students, CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for SAGE EXECUTIVES. Please send your nomination for these positions (be it yourself or another cohort member) to by Monday, April 13: PRESIDENT VP INTERNAL VP SOCIAL TREASURER Call for nominations from April 7-13. Campaigning will be from April 14-16. SAGE will vote on April 17. Details onContinue reading “Call for SAGE Executive Council nominations”

Spring General Assembly

The SAGE Spring General Assembly will take place on Tuesday, April 7 at 12 pm in LB 659. The SAGE Spring General Assembly will be a year-end review of what has happened and what has been spent during the school year. There will be a report from the Budget Committee, Headlight Anthology, and the EnglishContinue reading “Spring General Assembly”