March 26 Newsletter

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SAGE Statement on the 13th Annual Graduate English Colloquium

Dear English Department Faculty,

This year we held the 13th Annual Concordia University Graduate English Colloquium. Our theme was “The Odd Couple,” and through this theme we attempted to embody the unique nature and charm of this exceptional department. Our panels featured academic, creative and hybrid papers on topics that ranged from “Gyrating Geographies” to “Dystopian Dreams.” Our keynote speaker, George Elliott Clarke, attended and participated in our successful creative reading night and gave an animated keynote address on Alice Munro. Attendance was excellent and we received positive feedback from participants and guests alike. Without the departmental and faculty support we received, none of this would have been possible.

On behalf of the graduate students in this department, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the English department and the faculty members that made this year’s success possible. A special thanks to Professor Cynthia Quarrie for her help as faculty liaison and her excellent welcome address. Also a big thank you to Sharon Frank, Bonnie-Jean Campbell, and Beth Crevier for their endless support with the details. Thank you also to Professor Manish Sharma for his support.

We are now looking towards next year’s colloquium. The support and feedback of the faculty is invaluable to us as graduate students. However, faculty attendance at this year’s colloquium was significantly lower than the previous year. For those who did attend, we are very grateful. Your comments on our presentations are always of the highest quality, and challenge us to perform at our full potential. You, the faculty, make us better thinkers, writers, and academics. In this vein, we would like to know how we can change the colloquium going forward to increase faculty attendance. If you were unable to attend because of the timing, or because the event was not clearly announced, let us know. We are attempting to increase the creative participation in this event and would like to increase the attendance of the creative writing faculty in particular. Whether a faculty member in the creative or academic stream, we need your feedback. Please speak to any of the students on the Colloquium Committee or the SAGE Council with your suggestions on how to make participation in the colloquium easier for you.

Thank you again for your support,

The Colloquium Committee

Rachel Burlock

Courtney Church

Megan Fitz-James

Matthew Lively

Amina Reaz

Amanda Ruffini

Caitlyn Spencer

Colin Young

The SAGE Council

Carrie Calvo

Alanna Bartolini

Colin Young

Sara Press

Megan Fitz-James

Courtney Church

Caitlyn Spencer