TA Teacher-Training

On Friday, January 19, 2018 at 2:00 pm, the Committee for Equity and Visibility in the Academy (CEVA) and the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) are partnering up to present a teacher training workshop in LB-646. Together with undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty, we’ll be troubleshooting difficult classroom scenarios and workshopping what we can do to make classrooms more inclusive. Even if you don’t hold a TAship for the winter semester, the skills learned in the workshop can be useful in future semesters, and your voice as a student matters regardless of whether you want to teach. Coffee and refreshments will be served. Hope to see you there!


November Newsletter

Included: Holiday Get Together | CEVA  |  Advocacy  |  Headlight  |  Concordia Colloquium  |  Misc.

Well, hello again.
It’s November now.
It’s been getting colder.
Some snow has fallen already.
Ice forming under the wheel wells of parked cars.
But its a sunny day today.
Stay optimistic.
Here’s what’s happening here.

Holiday Get together

We would like to get together with you sometime next month.
We don’t know when
We think it would be nice if you told us when works for you
Because we would like to see you.
We’re here for you.
We were thinking
A casual night out with friends at McKibbins
If you can’t go to McKibbins, if you have enemies there.
It’s ok, we can pick somewhere else.
We just need to know.
And we’re putting together a Secret Santa so names are important.
Keep your eye on our Facebook for our upcoming poll
Or check in with one of us

CEVA (Committee for Equity and Visibility in the Academy)

CEVA is organizing Inclusivity/Anti-Oppression Pedagogical Training in early January
Open to anyone who teaches/is a TA
Keep an eye out for more details and make sure you attend
It’s always good to learn more about teaching
(And we get no other formal training)
We’re also working on a document with resource links
To help you teach your students mindfully
Which we hope to release on the SAGE website
In the New Year
E-mail Jen (jen.tracy@hotm​ail.com) or Alex (alexcg@live.ca)
To get involved


It is important that you know where you can go if you have an issue.
These things happen.
It’s good to know what you can do.
For instance,
Did you know that the Office of Rights and Responsibility
Can help you resolve problems conficentially or make a formal complaint?
And that you can have your work regraded if you make a named complaint?
Or that you should meet with the GSA advocacy centre first?
We’ve added this info and links to our resource page.


Headlight has its Call for Submissions​.
December 15th
Submit 3 poems or 2000 words of fiction or 3 visual art pieces.
We’re looking for editors as well.
E-mail headlightanthology@gmail.com
To get involved. Get involved.

Concordia Colloquium Call Extended

You might have seen the email from Bonnie (thanks Bonnie), but in case you haven’t
Colloquium (Animal Print) has extended the deadline to December 1st.
Full call is here
Or e-mail concordiacolloquium@gmail.com
You’ve got half a month.
Get cracking.


Carte Blanche Non-fiction Contest
Deadline: November 30 at Midnight

Hip-hop Studies Conference​
Deadline: January 5

That’s all from us. Cheers!

October Newsletter

Included: Annual Graduate​ Party | Halloween Party | CEVA | Colloquium | Budget Proposals | Headlight Anthology | Writers Read | Donuts Short Story Hour | Misc

Hello everyone.
Is everyone doing well?
This is the newsletter.
For you.
Are you comfortable?
This is what is pertinent to us at the moment.

Annual Graduate Party

We heard about this through Bonnie.
Dr.s Furlani and Languay are hosting the Annual Graduate Party.
Saturday October 21st
7pm – 11pm
Save the date.
They’re going to announce who won the department prizes.
Come out and congratulate these people.
Get to know them.

Halloween Party

We’re throwing a Halloween Party!
Oct 28th. Saturday. 7:30-8pm or so.
At Sandra’s place.
Thanks Sandra.
Sandra’s place is 6652 Rue de Bordeaux.
That’s like a 10 minute walk South East from the Fabre Metro.
We can can comfortably fit 30 people.
We will set up decorations.
Very spooky, but inviting.
There are cats. Keep the door closed.
Everyone will have a nice time.
Candy. Sandra’s spiced wine (Thanks Sandra).
Bring stuff too. Pitch in. Be a good guest.
Put on a costume. You don’t have to.
Contest-[Costume] / Monster Mash.
Kenneth Anger DVD with the sound off.


The Committee for Equity and
Visibility in Academia is currently
looking for new members for the
2017-2018 academic year.
If you’re interested in being part
of this initiative, please e-mail
Jen Tracy (jen.tracy@hotmail.com)
by the end of this weekend.

Colloquium – Animal Print

It’s the 16th Annual one of these [Colloquiums].
There’s a Deadline for Academic Papers/Proposals
It’s Nov 10th.
A pretty detailed thematic explanation as well as all of the requirements and subsequent process…
essentially everything you need to know is here
If you do have any questions though, you can send them to concordiacolloquium@gmail.com

Budget Proposals

This is pretty exciting:
We have a 400$ surplus from last year.
There is an open call for what to spend this money on.
Deadline November 1, 2017
SAGE has previously funded:

CEVA (The Committee for Equity and Visibility in the Academy)
Concordia Write Nights
SAGE Coffee Talks
The Indigenous Lit Festival
The Media and Design Stipend
Student Stipends for Conference Travel


This comes straight from the top [Emily Crompton]

“Headlight is looking for a treasurer to
join the journal’s masthead.
If you are interested, please contact
Also keep an eye out for their call for
submissions that will shortly be released.”

Thanks Emily!

Writers Read Concordia

As of right now, we still have two readers in October:
Poets: Daphne Marlatt & Erin Moure
They’re both Friday, October 27th in the York Amphitheatre [ EV 1.605, 1515 Rue St. Catherine]
We read them in class, and we really liked them.
“I think I saw one at a party, but I can’t be sure.”
If I don’t get to writing another one of these November (Cold season)
Playwright: Marina Carr (Co-Sponsored by the Department of Irish Studies)
Friday, November 3rd in the York Amphitheatre [ EV 1.605, 1515 Rue St. Catherine]
Suzette Mayr
Friday, November 17th in the York Amphitheatre [ EV 1.605, 1515 Rue St. Catherine]
Details on their website.

Donuts Short Story Hour

These folks have a pretty good Facebook page
Join them for donuts and great stories


There’s like a billion things you can do in your life
Here are some things that crossed our desk in the last few days
Usually through Bonnie.

SLS Photo Contest

One lucky winner will receive free tuition to either SLS Georgia or SLS Kenya in 2018. Find more details on their SLS Facebook page

SLS Poetry and Fiction Contest

SLS, in connection with its upcoming programs in Georgia (July 2018) and Kenya (December 2018), and in conjunction with Fence magazine, is currently running its 2018 literary contest.

Fall Newsletter

Welcome and welcome back to grad school! Those of us at the Student Association for Graduates in English are looking forward to working with and for you in the coming year. To kick off the semester, here’s what we have lined up:

Welcome Back Party

Join us on Friday, September 29 at Reggies bar, located on the second floor of the Hall Building (1455 De Maisonneuve Boulevard W.) for a welcome back dance party, DJ-ed by our very own Robin. Doors open at 8:00 PM. Feel free to bring your partners and besties.

Fall General Assembly

Before getting ready to party, stop by the General Assembly on September 29 @ 3:00 PM in LB 646. We’ll be providing an overview of what SAGE has planned for the year and how our finances will be distributed. This is also the time for bylaws to be proposed and adopted/rejected by vote, so do make sure you’re here to have your voice heard.

Elections for SAGE Council

SAGE is holding elections for the following positions on Council:

  • VP Administration: Records minutes, manages social media, publishes newsletter twice annually (once in fall, once in winter)
  • Academic Representative: Represents graduate students in the academic stream, attends department meetings, and liaises with CASE, faculty, and staff
  • Creative Representative: Represents graduate students in the creative stream, attends creative writing faculty meetings, liaises with faculty and staff

Involvement with Council offers students a direct say in their academic experience at Concordia, as well as the opportunity to engage in dialogue with faculty and administration. The dates of the election process are as follows:

  • Nominations: Tuesday September 19 to Monday September 25
  • Campaign: Tuesday September 26 to Thursday September 28
  • Elections: Friday September 29 in person in the Graduate Student Lounge or via e-mail (details to be confirmed later this month)

For more information about the positions and current members, please check out the team or send us an e-mail at sage@concordia.ca. On September 29 when you join us for the General Assembly and our Welcome Back Party, make sure you take a moment to exercise your democratic right and vote!

Join the Colloquium Team

The 16th annual English Graduate Colloquium at Condordia is presently seeking team members to vet and edit papers and to help manage the event space during our conference on March 23 and 24, this year titled Animal Print. The full details of the call can be found here.

If interested in the position, please submit a brief paragraph of intent stating why you would be a good fit for the team and detailing which tasks interest you to concordiacolloquium@gmail.com by Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 11:59 pm.

Headlight Anthology

Headlight Anthology is a student-run literary journal that publishes poetry, prose, and visual art annually in print. We’re currently hiring a managing editor and treasurer. Interested students can send their resume and cover letter to headlightanthology@gmail.com by September 22.


The Committee for Equity and Visibility in the Academy aims to maintain an open dialogue between students, faculty, and administration on issues of representation and visibility. If this initiative is something you wish to get involved with, you can contact the organizers at ceva.concordia@gmail.com.


SAGE Newsletter August 2016

Hello English Graduates!

This is SAGE’s first newsletter of the academic year. As such, there’s a fair bit of information to cover, but we’ll try to do it concisely so that you can digest it quickly and get back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Graduate Orientation!

All returning and incoming grads should have received the introductory email about Graduate/TA Orientation on Friday, September 4. This is a reminder that the session will start at 9:45am in LB-649 and will last through to the afternoon. There will be a wine and cheese event at 3pm following orientation which will be a good opportunity to meet both students and faculty.

Graduate Party!

On Saturday, September 5th, SAGE will be hosting a party for all English grads! This will be a more informal event than the orientation and reception from the day previous. The party will be held at 6065 Sherbrooke West, Apt. 5 and grads and partners are welcome from 8pm onwards!

(Note: There will be dogs present, so apologies for any people with allergies.)

Headlight Anthology!

Headlight Anthology, Concordia’s grad student-run literary and visual arts anthology, is offering a call for Editor-in-Chief positions for the 2015-2016 academic year. If you’re interested in getting involved, submit a CV and brief cover letter to headlightanthology@gmail.com by Sunday, September 6th, 2015.To view the position description, click here.

Colloquium Committee!

The English Graduate Colloquium Committee will be struck in early September. Interested students should email sage@concordia.ca by Friday, September 11, 2015. The committee is responsible for organizing the English Department’s graduate conference, to be held in March 2016, and is a great opportunity to develop event-planning skills and network with students and scholars nationwide!

Concordia Write Nights!

CWN is a new SAGE initiative which gathers students from Concordia and elsewhere, along with community members, to work on their creative and academic writing in focused write-ins, as well as improve their creative writing through workshops. All are welcome! Dates have yet to be set, but information about meeting times through the Fall and Winter semesters will be posted here!

SAGE Council!

SAGE will be holding elections in September for the following positions on Council:

  • VP Administration
  • Academic Representative
  • Creative Representative

Getting involved with Council allows students to have a direct say in their academic experience at Concordia and gives members the opportunity to engage with faculty and administration. A solid stepping-stone for grads interested in student politics and administrative skill-building!

For more information about the positions and current members, please check out the team!

There you have it! The first SAGE newsletter of the 2015/16 academic year! In an effort to ensure all English grads receive adequate notice about the goings-on of their department, please keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters. (We will not spam you, honest.) Also, if you have not already, please join the Concordia English Graduate Students (SAGE) group on Facebook – there will be more frequent updates regarding official SAGE and English Department events, but also unofficial events from McGill, UdeM, and other local groups that may not be included in our newsletters.

Thank you for reading! We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones on Friday/Saturday! If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to email them to sage@concordia.ca – let us know what you need from your department. Good luck with your upcoming studies!