SAGE Newsletter August 2016

Hello English Graduates! This is SAGE’s first newsletter of the academic year. As such, there’s a fair bit of information to cover, but we’ll try to do it concisely so that you can digest it quickly and get back to your regularly scheduled programming. Graduate Orientation! All returning and incoming grads should have received the introductory emailContinue reading “SAGE Newsletter August 2016”

April 14 Newsletter – Elections and End of Year Partay!

Hello Graduate Students, It’s the end of the school year. Yay! Most of you will scatter and leave Montreal to visit loved ones or perhaps move to parts familiar or unknown. BUT before you head off, there’s one more shindig you must attend. April 28 (Tuesday) is The End of the Year Party at BrutopiaContinue reading “April 14 Newsletter – Elections and End of Year Partay!”

January 23 Newsletter

In this week’s newsletter: Winter semester party February Scramble Coffee Talk: The How-to of Creative Writing Grants Concordia Write Nights Writers Read: Carmine Starnino Work-in-Progress Talk: The Beckett Walk Globe and Mail Conversations

SAGE Coffee Talk Series and a Grad Party (Oct. 7, 2014)

Hello Graduate Students, Here are a few reminders and a Call for Papers from UdeM. SAGE Coffee Talk Series Andrew Burton, “Working at CEGEP” Many students in the English Graduate program plan to teach English in CEGEP. Andrew Burton will be presenting a lecture filled with advice on what to expect from this career choice.Continue reading “SAGE Coffee Talk Series and a Grad Party (Oct. 7, 2014)”

EGSS-SAGE Scramble

Hello everyone! As a way of fostering an inter-university relationship between Concordia’s Department of English and Université de Montréal’s Département d’études anglaises, we are excited to announce that the first official “EGSS-SAGE Scramble” (clever, eh?) will take place on Thursday, October 2, starting at 8:00PM at McKibbin’s Pub (upstairs room) on Bishop street (metro Guy-Concordia).Continue reading “EGSS-SAGE Scramble”