TRAC bargaining negotiations

All English grads! Please keep tabs on TRAC during the current bargaining negotiations. Our faculty has a history of moderate-to-low involvement in political and bureaucratic matters, but this directly impacts our financial well-being!

TAs and RAs, do you want a cut on your pay grades?


Important TRAC Meeting Today!

Dear Fellow Graduate Students,

There is an important meeting on Monday, January 19 (5:30 at H-763)! This meeting is particularly pertinent for TAs next school year.

As many of you may know, the TRAC union has just gone through a tumultuous period. An investigation into recent issues amongst the TRAC Executives has just been released with three recommendations:

  • The investigation recommends that all of the current TRAC executives be removed from office and a new election takes place.
  • The investigation recommends that the current president be barred from running in a new election as “he does not understand the role of a President, and does not [know] how to work cohesively as a team member, leading to constant interference with the tasks and duties of other executive members.”
  • They further recommend that PSAC takes a more direct role in supervising and training the new executives going forward.

The entire report is only 10 pages and well worth reading for all TRAC members. The recommendations are those of the investigators but the report contains information and evidence that might help each TRAC member to come to their own conclusions.

The report and recommendations will be the subject of a Special General Assembly that will discuss and vote on these recommendations next Monday at 5:30 in room H-763.

The SAGE council has discussed this report and, in light of the seriousness of the issues, we are urging all SAGE members who are or have been TAs to attend the meeting on Monday.

TRAC is responsible for bargaining with the university over important issues like salary, class size, working conditions and much more. We are going into a bargaining year and it is crucial that our TRAC Executive be effective and cohesive. We are encouraging you to become informed with the details of the report and be present to vote for the result you wish to see.

In order to vote you will need certain documents: a pay stub, a student ID card and proof of registration. Further details are available on the TRAC website http://trac-union.caYou will need to register in advance, starting at 4:00 pm. If you have had a contract in the last 12 months you are still eligible to vote. Please show up and make sure that your voice is part of this important conversation.


Let your vote count!


Your SAGE Council