Committee for Equity and Visibility in the Academy

CEVA’s goal is to maintain an open dialogue between students, faculty, and administration on issues of representation and visibility in the academy—that means who we hire, who we read, who has a say in who we hire, and what we can do to increase the kinds of voices and perspectives we need to encounter in our educational experience. A lot of this work is happening already on an individual level but we hope that our collective efforts will help shape the practices and policies of the English Department as a whole.

On January 19, 2018, CEVA, in collaboration with the Centre for Teaching and Learning, organized a TA Teacher-Training Workshop. You can find the workshop slides prepared by Alicia Cundell from the CTL here and the Google Doc with the resources Alicia prepared, the suggestions that came out of our workshop activity, and links to further reading curated by CEVA.


2017-2018 CEVA Report