Concordia Write Nights

Concordia Write Nights was created in January 2015. Write Nights develop attendees’ writing skills through workshops, write-ins, and technical tutorials. In our inaugural run, we saw attendees not only from Concordia but also from McGill and around Montreal.

To learn more about CWN, email us at, or join our Facebook group. All CWN events are posted to the Facebook group.


I’m not a SAGE member. Can I come?
Yes! Anyone who wants to come to a Write Night can come and participate fully. You do not have to be a SAGE member, an English student, or a student at all to participate! We encourage anyone who has a passion for writing to join us.

What is a write-in?
The idea behind our write-ins is simple: two hours, no Netflix, no Facebook, just writing. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself to write regularly, when it’s such a solitary activity. Hence, Write Nights: a regular time set aside for you to focus on your writing with a bunch of other writers around you to keep you motivated.

How do workshops work?
To learn more about how Write Nights workshops work, check out Workshopping 101. Please note that submissions should be sent in .doc or .docx format for those who prefer to do their edits electronically. If you would like to participate in a given workshop as a critic without submitting your work that week, just send us an RSVP email to

I don’t want to workshop, I just wanna write.
That’s 100% okay! No one is obligated to participate in the workshops unless they want to.