Concordia English Graduate Colloquium

The Concordia English Graduate Colloquium, now in its sixteenth year, is an annual academic conference run by graduate students in Concordia University’s English Department. The aim of this conference is to provide students the opportunity to share their research with peers and faculty and to engage in fruitful dialogue. This year’s theme, Animal Print, undertakes study of animals and animal bodies, as well as their intersections with the written or performed word.

Headlight Anthology

Headlight‘s mandate is to provide a unique publication opportunity for talented Concordia writers and visual artists. Many of the authors published in Headlight have gone on to have successful careers. Headlight functions as a vital part of the common, creative ground on which students and alumni of all disciplines across all Concordia departments can stand.


Insight is our newest journal that publishes the academic work of graduate students at Concordia and abroad, while also providing students experience with peer review. For our inaugural special issue, Insight is collaborating with the Concordia English Graduate Colloquium to create a lasting archive of the innovative research and critical conversations happening around the topic Animal Print. 

Committee for Equity and Visibility in the Academy (CEVA)

CEVA’s goal is to maintain an open dialogue between students, faculty, and administration on issues of representation and visibility in the academy—that means who we hire, who we read, who has a say in who we hire, and what we can do to increase the kinds of voices and perspectives we need to encounter in our educational experience. A lot of this work is happening already on an individual level but we hope that our collective efforts will help shape the practices and policies of the English Department as a whole.

On January 19, 2018, CEVA, in collaboration with the Centre for Teaching and Learning. Organized a TA Teacher-Training Workshop. You can find the workshop slides prepared by Alicia Cundell from the CTL here and the Google Doc with the resources Alicia prepared, the suggestions that came out of our workshop activity, and links to further reading curated by CEVA.