Click here to view SAGE’s general by-laws, last updated April 7, 2015 and here for special by-laws concerning assemblies, last updated March 26, 2015. Our student-conducted, unofficial 2014-2015 financial audit can be found here.

Archive of SAGE Minutes

Click here to access our repository of minutes from previous SAGE committee meetings, council meetings and general assembly meetings. Please note that only minutes since the website’s creation in 2014 are archived online.

Accessibility Policy and Event Resources

Click here to access our statement on accessible events as well as tips for organizing a more accessible conference or reading. SAGE does not tolerate any discrimination at any of our events and reserves the right to withdraw support from events that harm or exclude groups or people.

The Writing Assistance Program

Adapted from a presentation given by former SAGE member and writing assistant Caterina Incisa, this handout contains information about the program that may be useful for Teaching Assistants and other SAGE members.